Three Advantages of Kiln Dried Wood

If you are looking to burn your firewood in a hurry, getting kiln dried is your best option. In this post I will go over the 3 main reasons you would choose kiln dried (or cooked) wood over non-cooked wood. 1. The first advantage is the ability to burn the wood sooner. With kiln dried wood you can burn as … Read More

How To Choose Your Cooking Woods

Whether you are smoking barbecue ribs or cooking salmon, what type of wood you choose to cook with is going to drastically alter the taste of the food. We offer a lot of different types of cooking woods to meet whatever needs you have. The most common type of wood to cook with is Oak, but people also commonly cook … Read More

How A Custom Fire Pit Is The Perfect Addition To Your Outdoor Space

It doesn’t feel like it now, but Spring is just around the corner. There is nothing better than having the perfect outdoor space to enjoy and entertain friends and family, and nothing compliments a great outdoor space like a custom wood burning fire pit. Truly a conversation starter, a custom made fire pit serves as a great centerpiece for people … Read More

What NOT to Burn Outside

Outdoor fire pits are popular, particularly in summer when outdoor entertaining is at its height. There is something special about gathering around an open fire with family and friends. It offers an opportunity for conversation and connection that doesn’t always come naturally. However, there are some things you should consider when creating an outdoor fire. Besides needing to know your … Read More

Can Firewood Be Too Dry?

Can Firewood Be Too Dry? Yes, although it is not a common problem Properly seasoned firewood still has a fair amount of water in it, say 15 to 20 percent of its weight. That water regulates the combustion process along with a few other factors like piece size, load configuration and combustion air supply. The higher the fuel moisture, the … Read More

The Key to Burning Good Wood

Whether you burn wood in a fireplace, stove or furnace, good quality firewood is the key to convenience, efficiency and safety. Wet wood and pieces that are not the right size and shape for your wood burner can be frustrating, burn inefficiently and deposit creosote that can fuel a dangerous chimney fire. Good planning, seasoning and storage of the firewood … Read More

Moisture and Firewood

Perhaps the most important aspect of woodworking deals with the relationship between wood and moisture. A fundamental fact is that wood is hygroscopic. This means that wood, almost like a sponge, will gain or lose moisture from the air based upon the conditions of the surrounding environment. But not only does wood gain or lose moisture, but it will also … Read More

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