Current Sales

Free delivery now through the end of June for 1/2 cord or more, a full cage of kiln dried, or 2 bags of mis-cut.


9ft Woodhaven Courtyard Firewood RackFree firewood stack with rack purchase!

Let us do the work this time!

Buy a rack and we will set up and stack the wood for free!

Courtyard racks & Crescent racks in stock.

Hurry, limited stock for all racks. Click here to order a new rack!


Discounted 1/3 Cord of Miscut Bags

Clearance Sale still going on! Perfect firepit wood. 1/3 cord of Miscut bags of Hardwood, Oak, or cooking woods available at a HUGE discounted price.

Each bag has a bag deposit fee of $20

Hardwood mix $50
Oak $75
Hickory $150
Ash $150

Please Contact us via our online contact form to place your order for these sale items.